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Name:Your One-Stop Shop for Language and Culture-Picker
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:One-stop shop to find language- and culture-pickers
Kristy Thomas got the idea while she watched her mother making post after post to find a Britpicker for her latest fic. Kristy got a bunch of her friends together and they decided to band together and hold meetings. Any time they wanted, writers could make one post to one community, and find a picker for any language, any culture, any fandom.

Need a britpicker? Need an ameripicker? Any other flavo(u)r of nitpicker? Find one here!

We also answer one-off questions, but make use of the Big List of Pitfalls before posting.

(Note: this is, at least at the moment of creation, a primarily English-speaking comm, but if you want help in another language you're very welcome to ask. We will do our best to help.)

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